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    I use the Treo 600 now for 4 weeks and I'm not so pleased with the GSM coverage.

    I had one of the first Treo 180's, then I owned one of the first Treo 270's (all GSM versions, in Belgium). I never, never had any coverage problems with them; never, nowhere. I was very pleased with it.

    Now, my new Treo 600 GSM has coverage problems EVERY DAY. At night, my Treo 600 is lying beside my bed (while charging) and EVERY morning I notice "No service". Only a soft reset solves the problem. If I try to put "wireless mode off" by pressing and holding the power button, it takes about a full minute.

    My wife has now my old Treo 270 and her Treo is also lying beside the bed (yes, the same bed...) and the old Treo 270 never has problems.

    So I conclude that it is a Treo 600 problem.

    Anyone else has the same problems?
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    had the same exact problem. What I notice,when it goes out of coverage it cannot reconnect back. Turning the wireless of and on will soft this problem. I notice that during roaming. When i get back to my home, the orange led keep blinking and it never turn to green. Once it is green it will stay there...Problem I never realise when it actually went to orange. This is becoming a pain.


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