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    I've had my number ported from Vodaphone to Orange.

    The transfer happened today. If I make a call from the Treo, it shows up on the receiver's phone as from my ported number.

    If I call the ported number, my Treo rings.

    However, if I go to Options --> Phone Info in the Phone application, the number listed is still the temporary number Orange gave me.

    I've tried turning the phone of and on, reseting the treo, removing and reinserting the SIM card.

    How do I get the phone to show the correct number?
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    I called Orange customer services about this and the person I spoke to reckoned it wasn't possible to change it, however someone else has told me that it simply requires an over-the-air SIM update.

    Given that the number is purely informational I haven't yet bothered to ask for this.

    BTW, in case you haven't noticed you have to resetup your Orange voicemail after your ported number becomes active.
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