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    When I first started using the orangeinternet connection I was having all sorts of problems getting connected, and then not being able to re-connect without a soft reset .

    Since I changed over to using orangewap instead I've not really had any problems at all. I've no idea why this might be but it seems to have worked for me!
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    I am using this also on my 600 but I'm not sure that it re-establishes the GPRS connection. It will check for the GSM (phone) connection and retry that, but may not keep the GPRS (net) connection on. I am suspicious because I had it active last night and when I woke up the phone was active but the GPRS was off.

    I'm off to ask potatoho (the treohelper dude).
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    Originally posted by jaytee
    I am using this also on my 600 but I'm not sure that it re-establishes the GPRS connection. It will check for the GSM (phone) connection and retry that, but may not keep the GPRS (net) connection on. I am suspicious because I had it active last night and when I woke up the phone was active but the GPRS was off.

    I'm off to ask potatoho (the treohelper dude).
    This was already discussed in the TreoHelper thread a while ago. His response was that he hasn't found a way for testing whether the GPRS connection is still available. This was confirmed by a Handspring developer during a HS/Orange seminar that I attended a while ago in Paris.

    Keep in mind that he's using a Sprint CDMA version so he doesn't know exactly how everything works for the GSM. I have noticed myself that the GPRS connection does seem to stay alive longer with TreoHelper running but apparently this is unexplained behavior. Maybe it has somehow to do with moving between cells?
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    Originally posted by tgabber

    I guess we need to find some none-Treo Orange GPRS users to establish if there is something quirky with the Treo or whether it is the Orange service that is particularly flaky.
    It's the Orange UK service. I have an Orange France contract and when in the UK I often end up switching to Vodafone or BT Mobile because their GPRS does work.
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    Hmmm.. I had problems connecting to Orange UK GPRS in London at midnight last night, but was pretty good for about 6 hours earlier that day, if not particularly fast.
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    Well... it seems to act the same way on T-Mobile here in the States. And.. there must be _some_ way to determine the GPRS status. The little green arrows have figured out the status
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    Treohelper actually gives the status here:

    GetPhoneCallStatus() is a bitmap which shows what type of calls are
    active. It can be a mixture of these bits:
    0x00000001 voice line1
    0x00000002 voice line2
    0x00000004 data
    0x00000008 GPRS/CDMA(grey)
    0x00000010 CDMA(green)

    So mine in UK is online at the moment and showing 00000008
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    All the little green arrows mean is at some point in the past the unit has been connected to GPRS. They don't go away when the connection fails, at least for me!
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    The green arrows were there when I went to sleep last night and gone this moring when I awoke. The phone part was still on and responded when I called it.

    That doesn't mean that the arrows might be lieing though. I've seen behavior that would support the idea that the arrows can be green (and the bit field set to 0x08) when there is not real GPRS coverage.

    By the way, what is the difference between 0x04 and 0x08?
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    Just wanted to say that for the last few days the Orange GPRS service has been working flawlessly in SE London.

    I know this should be the norm and not something to be remarked upon so... fingers crossed that Orange have at last got their act together...
    Palm Vx -> Palm M505 -> Treo 180g -> Treo 600 (UK GSMrevA)
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    I just came back from four days in spain (Gandia), and was connectected to E MOVISTAR and the GPRS worked without a single flaw for all four days. So the handset itself is clearly ok, it's the orange GPRS network in the UK which seems to be the problem !
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    Well GPRS seemed to be fine until last weekend when it was patchy. No problems on Monday in London and Harpenden and Luton (yesterday).
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    I received my new Treo 600 connected to Orange (UK) 4 days ago. I had been experiancing problems with connecting to the Internet via GPRS, but have finally managed to sort out the problem which I thought I would share with you guys.

    I had previously been using a Treo 270 which I had synched to my PC. After receiving my Treo 600 I tried synching with the Treo 270 data backedup on my PC. After doing so, my GPRS problems started and I could not connect to the internet or establish a GPRS connection.

    During 4 days of ring Orange (UK) customer services and going through many many different checks and soft resets I was constantly told that it was a Network problem and nothing to do with my handset. When I told them my brother who had the same handset connected to Orange was having no problems, they told me that everyone has a unique "HRL" so he could be okay and I could have problems.

    Anyway, last night I put my sim into my brother's handset and hey presto I established a GPRS connection and the internet access worked!!!

    So I started to have a look at Handspring's Website for info. and came across this information on its Support Section:

    and then under "Did you ever use a Treo 90?" I clicked on this link:

    Although I did not previously use a Treo 90 I did use a Treo 270 and followed the instructions, by doing a "Hard Reset" and then deleted the stated file on my PC.

    Now I have a fully working GPRS/Internet Connection on my Treo 600 handset.

    I quite happy.

    But, I am still having "speakerphone echo" problems which I've posted in an earlier post which Orange say is down to Network Problems!



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    After working reasonably well for past two months (any problems cured by two quick soft reserts).

    However my gprs has now given up with the error message 0x7143 .Which when translated using #*377 dial gives:-
    A crash occured while running security
    Emul68KMain.c Line:456, line 1111 exception at address 1088D8A8

    I have deleted the connectionMgr50DB.PDB file as per previous post and done a hard reset.
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    OK, I give in: is there a way to prevent being asked for my password every time I log on to Orange GPRS? The username and password are set to blank but it still requests the password each time I log on.
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    All I can tell you is my 'preferences' 'network' is set to - service -'Orange Internet'
    connection - GPRS
    user name (tap to enter name) none
    password (unasigned) none
    APN orangeinternet

    Unless you have modified then call Orange (and I can guarantee they will tell you to soft reset - as that is the best they can come up with)
    I am having no problem with Orange GPRS at the moment
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    Scudder - thanks - I've already checked all these settings and done a soft reset but sill the same. It's liveable with but annoying.
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    Playing around more: I created a new connection with the same settings as Orange Internet but assigned a password of several spaces. This connects without prompting on each connection.

    Weird but it works. Will post back if situation changes.
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