I bought a Veer online from the US. It came unlocked already (apparently) and now I tried to use it. I enter the details of the Palm Profile but then the phone gives me an error message that the log in failed. I am supposed to enter the APN details to connect to the network but the details that I found online so far are not valid (or don't work).

I entered "cmnet" and "guest" as well as "cmnet" and empty username but it wouldn't work.

And I put in another SIM card from China Unicom which I use on my other Veer without problems. Yes, I have two now, so I'm a bit puzzled why the second one is not working like the first one.

Does anybody have an idea how to get it running? Can I undo changes that the seller made?

Unfortunately for some reason I can't get Preware to run on my computers, so I can't connect the phones with the computer to fix things.

Any help will be really appreciated! Thanks!