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    Is anybody using Virgin Mobile on either their pre/pre+/Pre2/Pre3 phone?

    As a customer of Virgin Media I have the option of 15.99 for a sim card with 5GB of data. I was thinking of using this with the FreeTether when travelling rather than getting a separate usb dongle.

    A chat online with one of the agents said that tethering was banned. Is this really true (probably I guess), and has anybody been using it to tether anyway?

    It is a 30 day rolling contract, so not the end of the world if they cut me off as I can move easily enough.
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    Yep, I use Virgin Mobile with my Pre 2 and Pixi.

    I rarely use mine for anything other than texts/calls, although I use WI-FI for web stuff. My SIM allows me to use the web for 50p for the whole day of use.
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    Hi iprice

    I seen those options, but have you seen the following:

    Virgin Media 15.99 - 30 day rolling
    SIM card cost FREE
    Your tariff gives you:

    3000 minutes to other Virgin mobiles
    200 minutes
    5000 texts
    5GB Mobile Web
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    That's way more than I need. I pay 10 every couple of months. I get 300 free texts when I top up, which last me ages.
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