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    Hi All,

    I've found someone selling German Veers in the UK for 304.99, I would buy from O2 Germany direct but as I don't speak German it's a little hard to understand their website! I might try ordering from the German Amazon if the postage doesn't make the price too close to the UK company.

    Is their anything I should worry about re: getting a German Veer for UK use? Assuming that I do the initial registration here to have access to the UK App store, they haven't changed the regional settings icon so that I can figure out how to change the language to English and can put up with the German user manuals etc is there anything else I should consider? Will I have any warranty issues or can I go straight to HP UK for example?

    Oh, and please answer quickly as my release day Pre minus is getting old and I'm struggling to resist the temptation of buying! ;P


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    You may want to ask waleczek
    From his post:
    If you need any help from a Kraut just let me know.
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    Thanks for the link somline, god knows how that didn't turn up when I searched! Anyway, it sounds like a few people have had issues with the app store regardless of the initial registration and HP haven't been to helpfull on that subject, coupled with the fact that I forgot it was a QWERTZ keyboard I think I'll hang on for a UK release... which considering the Veer isn't on the UK HP website I'm not holding my breath!

    Thanks again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Get the US Veer.
    3G works (2100 MHz).
    Where can I find an unlocked US Veer? I can only find AT&T ones?
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    I haven't done anything about this yet, just as well as according to HP (via phone) the Veer will be released in the UK before the end of the month with an announcement this week. I'm not holiding my breath though as he was probably confused with the Pre 3.

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