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    Hi there,

    As i couldnīt find a definitiv answer to my question, I thought Iīd might as well just post it in here.
    Currently I own a Palm Pre Plus (unlocked German device) activated in Austria and thus having no access to purchase Apps in the German App Catalog. What I would like to do is the following:
    - Buy a used German Palm Pre (minus) activated in Germany
    - Switch the Commboard from that used Palm Pre - to my Palm Pre +
    - Make a new Profile via WLAN (or can I use my current Profile from Austria?)
    - Have access to the german App Catalog

    Now....does anyone here know if that is going to work? From what I understand, the Commboards on the Palm Pre + and - are the same, so switching that things shouldnīt cause problems, right? But, after doing that, will my Palm Pre + still work? Will I have to doctor something on that device to make it work with that new Commboard (change a Serial Number or anything)?
    I know you have to do quite a bit when swapping Commboards from US to EU devices, but if I switch EU to EU, shouldnīt that work without a hitch?

    I also assume that if I am using 2.1 currently on my PP+, I should first update that PP- to 2.1 first so the Palm Profile knows that I am using 2.1 or is that not needed?

    EDIT: What also came to my mind. Will I have to make a new Profile with my P + when I installed the P - commboard? I assume I should do it over WiFi so that commboard wouldnīt also be blocked?

    I would really appreciate some help as I am very keen on getting access on that darn App Catalog to finally buy some stuff

    Thanks a lot in advance,

    P.S. BTW, I am coming from the iPhone, so I might not know all the special terms used with PP hacking, please forgive any naive question
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    Thanks for clarifying. So basically I switch the board, make a reset of the device and my Palm Profile would be carried over to the newly created "Frankenplus" and think that I got a device activated in Germany and thus would allow me to access the app catalog, right?

    So I do not need to take any actions to prevent the new already activated commboard to be locked out of the app catalog. Well, lets see if that works, would be great because thats the only really annyoing thing so far Iīve encountered on my P+ (apart from that terrible battery life).

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