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    I live in Portugal and I'm currently using a Pre- with 2.1.
    I'm looking for the cheapest way to grab a Touchstone charging Kit (Cover+TS+Cable?).
    I've looked around on Ebay but they're a bit too expensive.
    I did notice that the O2 store in the UK sell them for a cheap price, so I think the best way would be to pay a UK forum user with a store close to him to grab one for me (I wouldn't ming paying for shipping plus a bit extra for the effort).
    Also, I guess I could try a trip to Badajoz in Spain to find one, but I can't find any info on prices there (also, petrol is expensive).
    Any ideas? Or UK volunteers?

    PS: Not posting on market, not enough posts and didn't feel like spamming the forum.

    EDIT: Found the Charging Kit (Cover+Cable) at 40.99. Not the cheapest, but I can buy direct and since there is a Expansys in Portugal I would pay for 12€ shipping. I can live with this, but if anyone used a better option...
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    You'd be cheaper off getting one from an ebay vendor in the US. Most touchstones sold don't have the appropriate charger included, if any is included at all. That's something to watch out for
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    Try Cex.

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