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    Hi guys,

    I plan on traveling to Israel and the West Bank and want to take a GSM phone I got laying around. From what I understand these are the major carriers in Israel:

    Peliphone: CDMA and is now switching to GSM and offers HSPA+ (coverage and availability is unknown)
    Cellcom: GSM offering 3G
    Orange: GSM offering 3G
    Jawwal: GSM, not sure if 3G is offered and it's coverage

    Now I'm wondering, who has the best coverage in terms of 3G availability? Anyone got any experience? I plan on taking a GSM phone that is HSPA+ capable as well. People are telling me Orange is good in terms of overall coverage.
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    Pelephone has the best 3G coverage as it has no 2G in GSM. Pelephone switched from CDMA to GSM about 3 years ago.
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