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    Interesting story on TheRegister website, involving the UK developer Hobbyist Software, wanting to unlock his Pre.

    O2 loses lock stock in Palm Pre precedent • The Register

    How to unlock your Palm Pre legally!

    Will this help others get unlocked I wonder ?
    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    I've been trying to get mine unlocked in the last few weeks as well.

    Eventually I made a formal complaint threatening to complain to their regulator for anti competitive practices. My argument was that the phone cannot be considered an O2 exclusive when they themselves no longer sell it or the subsequent two versions. To not unlock a phone that I own outright after my contract is up is a restriction of my consumer right to choose a provider.

    I told them that if there was a technical reason why they couldn't unlock it that I would accept 10 credit to unlock the phone myself.

    So far they have given me 10 for my trouble and contacted Palm about how to unlock it. I'm still waiting for O2 to respond with Palm's response but at least now a precedence has been set.

    Maybe I should have asked for more money...
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    Yup, I know I can get it unlocked for 6, the other 4 I call profit

    I've chased O2 complaints service today linking them to the news article telling them I found it very interesting...

    Hopefully they will reply to me soon.

    I might even stay with O2 providing they are willing to negotiate the price of the tariff I want (T-Mobile will offer me the same for 10 less), but it's the principle of having the option to do with my phone what I please.

    I will be buying the Pre 3 sim free and unlocked if at all possible though.
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    I just came to the end of my 18 month O2 UK Pre contract and walked into my local O2 shop at the weekend and asked them to unlock it for me. They gave me the store's landline phone and told me to ask customer support. I did and they said "it can't be done". I asked to speak to the call-centre's supervisor and he told me "it can't be done, but I'll try anyway" and then asked for my IMEI number which I gave.

    That was at the weekend and this morning I received the unlock code. Inserted a 3G Vodafone UK SIM, entered the code restarted and it works fine.

    So I think O2 UK have seen the light.
    Of course, its just the principle of the thing I rather like O2, so my O2 SIM is back in my Pre.
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    Always good to hear of cases where the little guy gets their way instead of the big company!
    I was considering getting my day 1 Pre- unlocked, but I'm still in contract till September. I'm just hoping that O2 UK get the Pre 3, then I can upgrade!
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    I don't understand why they have to lock phones in first place? If I'm paying my bills regularly for two years, why phone should be locked? Not to mention this permanent locking routine.

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