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    I've noticed several comments regarding 4G networks in the USA. There seem to be a couple dozen areas that are operational, or undergoing testing. I found this article on Roger's Wireless dated 7 October 2010.

    Competition in Canada’s wireless market could soon heat up as Rogers announces it’s testing out a new 4G network north of the border.

    Often referred to as LTE or Long Term Evolution, 4G networks are capable of speeds of up to 150 Mbps. That’s a far cry from the current HSPA+ networks in Canada which max out at 21 Mbps.

    “Our customers increasingly want anywhere, anytime access to information, communications, entertainment and transactional experiences on their device of choice,” said Nadir Mohamed, President and Chief Executive Officer, Rogers Communications Inc. “LTE is the next generation platform delivering superior mobile speed and functionality similar to what Canadians currently experience at home and at work. This technical trial is significant because it builds on our industry-leading networks and it sets the groundwork for our customers to do even more in the future.”

    Rogers is being up front by saying the early testing will not be open to the public. In fact it’s not even promising when we might see a 4G network in Canada…if ever.

    the last part very interesting....kinda makes the whole video phones useless if that's the case.

    So if anyone has any other information, from any networks, feel free to post it here.
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    Here is another article, this time Roger's and Bell Mobility mentioned. Also dated 7 October.

    Rogers, Bell trialing LTE 4G in Canada
    updated 06:35 pm EDT, Thu October 7, 2010Rogers, Ericsson test LTE alongside Bell
    Rogers and Bell this week said they were trialling Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks for 4G. The technical trial for Rogers is being conducted in cooperation with Ericsson Canada in Ottawa, the country's capital. The theoretical maximum wireless transfer speeds of LTE are 150Mbps.

    Ericsson has been conducting lab testing of LTE at its Ottawa research location, and Rogers will help it take those trials out of the lab. The tests will include both low and high band frequencies and the network's performance will be evaluated in urban, suburban and rural areas, Rogers representatives said. The carrier will also gauge the system on its interoperability with its existing HSPA+ network.

    AWS spectrum Rogers acquired in recent auctions will be used for the trial, though Rogers is working with Industry Canada to use the same 700MHz spectrum that AT&T, Verizon and others should use for their LTE networks in the US.

    Bell is already testing LTE and says it has trials in Hamilton and Montreal, having completed data tests earlier.

    The timing puts Bell and Rogers behind MetroPCS, which is already on its second full access area, as well as Verizon, which launches full service this year. They also fall somewhat behind AT&T, which is already conducting its own trials and hopes to go live in the middle of 2011.

    Read more: Rogers, Bell trialing LTE 4G in Canada | Electronista
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    Some more information I got from some old friends in the telecom biz...
    True 4G is still about 5 years away... in about 3 years they will start rolling out LTE but won't get anywhere near true 4G capacity... the only places in the world that rolled out LTE are Oslo and some other Scandanavian city, Stockholm I think... and the capacity isn't full yet there either... true LTE is about 80kps they are running at about half that which is still impressive... In Canada you can actually expect Shaw to be one of the first, Rogers has started moving towards it, so has Telus with the 4 way diversity(2 1900's) but Shaw's build will be LTE compatible. when they're ready they just change the software and LTE is on...hope that helps .......
    looks like LTE has started in the States but wont be 4G yet... 3.9G i found some good info for you... 3GPP Long Term Evolution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    His words, not mine. He constructs cell phone sites for all those companies, so I'm not saying he's got the full inside scoop but more of an idea than most.
    Due to the cancellation of the penny, I no longer give 2˘ about anything. I may however, give a nickel
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