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    I've asked @o2online_de when WebOS 2.0 would be coming. Their answer:

    Twitter / @tiax Das Erscheinungsdatu ...

    We currently cannot give an estimated date.
    Then I asked if it's coming at all and their answer is:

    Twitter / @tiax Können wir leider no ...

    We cannot answer that yet.
    So does this mean O2 won't approve WebOS 2.0 at all, since they're now selling the IPhone 4? My next question was if I made a mistake by buying their flagship device a year ago, but they didn't answer that yet.

    My question now would be about the approval process - would it be possible O2 just wouldn't do it because they don't care to make the monetary investment involved, i.e. would it be possible we're not getting WebOS 2.0 at all? I bet some public awareness would help them reconsider that stance, since they DID advertise the Palm Pre as their new flagship device a year ago and marketed it in their stores.
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    Chances are, it either means that their twits don't know yet, or that it's still up in the air. If the answer was "no," they would just say so.
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    @o2myhandy has already confirmed that all Palm from o2 will receive webOS 2.0 this year.

    Edit: link added.

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    Wasn't there a rumour that webOS 2.0 was set to debut Dec 6th...for O2 UK at least?
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    Just poked o2online_de on twitter about webOS 2.0 for Germany. Answer is: planned for the first quarter of 2011.

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    Planned, planned, planned...

    what about released?
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    Quote Originally Posted by splashote View Post
    Planned, planned, planned...

    what about released? the coming months....
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    Quote Originally Posted by sledge007 View Post the coming months....
    Lol .. nice one!!

    In any case, fheinle don't stress too much. In one shape or another, you should be able to get webOS 2.0 by applying a doctor of the "meta" variety to a Pre / Pre+ doctor. From the looks of this leak ( it seems that at the very least, a webOS 2.0 build is on the way. However, like the others in the thread, there's no telling when the exact date will be...

    If all else fails, you can always palm off your Pre / Pre+ on eBay and get one of the super cool new HP-Palm handsets that might be unveiled on Feb 9

    (... to be honest, I refresh the update app on my O2 Pre- and check the PreCentral site everyday because I can't stand waiting either )

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