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    I recently moved to China and was previously a Sprint Pre user (gotta love 1.4.5 at 1ghz).

    China has two networks similar to the US. (a GSM & a CDMA). I know that they are using carrier cracked CDMA phones and unlocked GSM phones here (using both models with US frequencies).

    In the electonics markets, there are plenty of people who will happily crack iphones and android devices... but I can't find any people who know about Pre's in the this city.

    It seems that there are insturctions for unlocking CDMA Pre's over at <<link removed by Mod>> but google translate isn't helping all that much.

    Can anyone point me somewhere that will have instructions / tools on how to open my carrier locked CDMA Pre for use here in China?

    (I hate the way the carriers lock phones down, I got a text message when i first got here saying that i would be charged Sprint's international rates if i use the phone... but i dont even have a contract with sprint anymore.)
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    It may be a good idea to purchase a GSM phone. I have learned so much over the last week about all types of frequency's and in the end I was about to seal the deal on a CDMA phone ( I live in Australia) and just have to live with 2G, but in the end, I decided to pay a small bit extra and get an unlocked GSM phone. I highly reccomend you do this. I found a used, unlocked GSM Pre from O2, for only $180 and in mint condition.
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    You might want to check that you can get EVDO with an unlocked Pre. I was just in China with my Pre and while the service was unbelievable (5 bars wherever I went! Amazing!), the data was 1x only. That could have been a roaming agreement thing, but I don't know. I remember not even having 1x in Taiwan, and that was also because of roaming agreements.

    I had thought that CDMA phones are actually 'unlocked' but configured to reach out to the carrier (because they don't have SIM cards telling them how to interact with the network). I think removing the carrier preconfiguration is what you want to do, assuming China Unicom or China Mobile will allow it on their network.
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    cdma and gsm are for different regions, I think that ones for asia and us only. It's not guaranteed to work otherwise, where is it 10 dollars? Skype still costs and costs, even rainbow costs.
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    China Telecom's CDMA network uses R-UIM (SIM card equivalent on CDMA).

    You'll need a way to flash the UIM from the R-UIM card into the phone.

    If you can read Chinese I can point you in the right direction...
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