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    Hello all,

    So I purchased a Palm Pre second hand, managed to unlock it after a few hiccups (nextgen + o2 payandgo sim + meta-doctor).

    Now everything is working ALMOST perfectly. The only problem? Orange mobile data doesn't seem to be working.

    I pulled the carrier database and all seems fine, the APN settings are perfect, everything seems in order but it just doesn't connect. I've tried setting it manually and leaving it on auto as well and no luck.

    Was wondering if anyone else had encountered any similar problems? Or found solutions?

    Would be awesome to have the pre working perfectly on Orange!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caspa View Post
    I was having trouble getting any data to work on my Pre.
    Its a UK O2 pre with a UK Orange sim.
    Running 1.4.1 with rebel 2.
    I had actioned the baseband downgrade noted above the get back upto 3G. Which I tested and was working fine.

    I started to play around with some patches, then much later (when I'd left the reach of my wifi) noticed that I could no longer get any data connection.

    So today I looked at the CarrierNetworkSettings.db3 file and found that Orange UK was already there, yet I still couldn't manually update the apn settings, getting error 'unable to write settings'.

    Last resort was to webosdoctor back to 1.3, in doing that I had removed all of the patches put on earlier, then I noticed my phone had the 3G icon again. Data connection was working fine.

    Had the patches caused this to happen?
    Found this post, will try and downgrade baseband to see if that solves the problem, if not, will try and find webosdoctor 1.3...
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    check MMS settings and add them manually, if your MMS send/recieve settings are incorrect then this will break your Data to work and connect.
    I'm on Orange but not in UK and automatic settings were not correct for MMS and I edited it manually and all works great the MMS and Data.
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    I can confirm having just ended my 18 month contract with O2 UK and moved to Orange that the "default" settings on my Pre 2 were incorrect for Orange MMS even though the internet APN setting was correct and I too wasn't receiving a 3G signal despite having a 3G simcard. When I changed the MMS APN settings for the Orange network to the correct ones given here: Orange Setup under "Photo Messaging" and rebooted my phone the 3G signal began working as it should.

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