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    Saw an advert from O2 for the Pixi plus today in the Metro.

    (the Metro is a free morning newspaper distributed mainly via the transport networks of the major UK cities including London...very widely read by commuters etc)

    Keeping my eyes open for the Palm plus now.
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    You'd think there would be some info on O2's website by now. Only two days to go and searching for "Palm Pre Plus" doesn't find anything.
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    Well I think that is the only answer.

    We search for pre plus again and again and again until it finally comes up amongst the top searches on the site.
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    i happened to go into a couple of o2 shops today to get a half price TS. tneither had any old pre's on display and one assistant said they were out of stock. Looks like they might have had some success in clearing the old inventory.

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