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    As we all know the Pre and Pixi Plus will be out in Germany on the 28th of April. has some details on pricing and simlock...

    Here's the google translation (I'm lazy...)
    O2 launches new Palm smartphones

    The German network operator O2 takes the WebOS smartphones Palm Pre Plus and Plus Pixi in his shop on. The devices are available from next Wednesday and, as usual with O2, also without a contract available.

    For the smaller model requires Pixi Plus O2 389, it can pay off over a deposit of 29 euro and 24 monthly installments of 15. The Pre Plus costs 509, the deposit in the O2-MyHandy model is also 29, monthly rates are 20.

    Both devices are SIM-lock free, so they can be used with any wireless card. O2 recommends its own mobile phone flat rate that includes a monthly Obulus of 10 a unthrottled data volume of 200 Mbytes.
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    I'm still waiting for Palm's Official Unlocked or an Att.
    Just call me Berd.

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