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    I am lookin for some suggestions on the best priced pre-paid plans for a sim, minutes, text and internet.

    In the past I used Vodaphone which ended up be quite expensive.

    Any thoughts.

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    I have been with o2 for 3years and am very happy, i get regular calls off them telling me that they suggest i change my call plan bolt-ons to 'xyz' (all for free) to make my monthly package cheaper! They also offer very good simplicity deals...and if you get o2 phones, you get cheap o2 broadband (which is only useful for residents)!Oh, and my tether works 100% with o2, at no extra cost

    check this out...

    you dont sign any sort of contact, its just monthly pre-pay, so you can cancel at any point...

    300mins, unlimited text and either free o2-o2 calls, or landline calls--> only 15 per month
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    It's a no brainer O2 for PAYG in UK.
    they give you so many permutations to suit your needs.
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