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    What would it take for the Palm Pre to be a worldwide cell phone. I travel to South Africa periodically and really don't want to buy another cell just for the trip.

    What app or software upgrade will allow this to happen?? Or is this a long shot.

    Let me know your thoughts
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    If you're using Sprint or Verizon, NOTHING.

    Most of the world uses the cellular technology GSM, whereas Sprint and Verizon (as well as Bell Mobility in Canada) use CDMA (though Verizon uses W-CDMA in some phones, which has both CDMA and GSM to be a World-CDMA phone).

    In short, there is nothing software can do. Only a new cellular chip on the phone (a GSM chip) could do that. Your best bet is to sell your Pre, end your contract, and buy an AT&T Pre Plus (i.e. switch to AT&T and most likely downgrade service) and hope you can unlock it for your international travels.
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    It sounds like the ATT version MIGHT be the way to go.
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    You need a tri-/quad-band GSM phone. That will work (almost?) everywhere.

    I used my multi-band phones over the years with roaming in Australia, US, UK (and at home in Germany).

    You can either wait for the AT&T Pre - or get the Pre (non-plus) from Germany now - as long as you are fine with the qwertz keyboard. The german Pre is sold by O2 unlocked.

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