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    Getting ready for a several month mission trip assignment to Tanzania Africa and currently have sprint w/ Centro. I've owned palms and treos since the first pilot so I really don't want to switch. Could anyone recommend a palm phone that will work properly in Tanzania? Looks like the frequencies are (GSM 900/1800/400).



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    GSM Treo Pro?
    My Phone & My Wife's Phone Two Unlocked GSM Treo Pro's

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    If you wanna stick with Palm then I think the Treo 680 is the best palm OS device ever made and it'll work 2G anywhere.. If you want GPS and Wifi and all the extra's then you gotta make a switch to the Palm Treo Pro. But thats Winmobile. You can get Style tap and use all the apps-you-cant-live-without from the Palm though. My 2 cents..

    I use the Treo Pro. Very happy for now. Till I can get a Pre unlocked..

    Edit: Just a thought though.. Won't the Centro work there? I'm pretty sure it should..
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