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    Can anyone recommend a screen protector and protective case to get for the Pre? Either a UK based store or somewhere that ships to the UK for a reasonable price.
    Want something to protect the screen from scratches and also the case itself from bumps and drops. I remember seeing a clear sick on plastic 'coating' before but cannot remember what it was called or where it was from....

    Any recommendations welcome..
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    whatever you get for the screen protector, don't get the ones,btw,they are all make from the same material, 3M, (with different brand names) invisible shield, body guardz just to name a few,using water to apply.Water and electronic doesn't mix.My family have 3 iphone 3g,when we first got it,we went wild, buying all the accessories,invisible-shield was the first application and 2 of the iphones developed a problem (not the same time) when i went to the apple store to checked it out, they told me i must have dropped in the water,i said why do you said that? he said, whenever a iphone touches water, a RED-LIGHT will show up by looking inside the 3.5 mm hole for the headset by using a flash light,sure enough,it is true. Warranty is void!! Btw, the screen protector is not smooth,looks like a orange peel, it is so ugly and it does SCRATCHES!!Nothing is unscratchable!! It scratches by constant cleaning the smudges. Go to EBAY under(that 's where i get my stuff) Palm Pre accesssories.I got myself, the screen protectors for the iphones and the palm pre, 6 pieces for $3.00 each and they are not that bad.easy to put on and they smooth like the original surface,if it scratches and it will, just replace with another one.(6pcs for $3.00)As for the Cases, they have them too.Btw, Free-Shipping!! Please don't spend your money like me.I wished somebody would have told me earlier.
    Good Luck.
    My phone is a Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
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    I use Invishield by Zagg ZAGG | invisibleSHIELD | iPhone, iPod Cases, Screen Protectors, Covers, Shields, Skins, Invisible Shield. Bought it at Best Buy and they installed it for $8.00. Works great, feels great looks great!
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    total disagree with above post I got the invisa shield expensive looked bad and was a pain to install. I picked up a three pack for 6 bucks on ebay they work great and look great no water and if they scratch i can replace them.
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    I got the BodyGuardz protector and it works really well. I dropped the phone on my gravel driveway FACE DOWN and didn't get a scratch. This won't protect from cracking or breaking but scratches are a thing of the past. I only applyed the front one because I'm planning on getting the touchstone back which is not as shiney so no need. They are a pin to put on, but the solution it comes with did not hurt or affect my Pre at all. Highly recomend if you like the form and don't want to ruin it with a clunky plastic protector or look like a dork with a hip case.
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    The absolute best screen protector is from Best Skins Ever - great price and GREAT product.
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    ZAGG x2! Just don't overwater it when it is installed.
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    You could try the pre protectors at iPhone 3GS/3G iPod nano Netbook Cases | Apple HTC Archos BlackBerry Asus | Mirror Screen Protector Cables Accessories | Manufacturer | They have a dedicated section for the screen prtectors they were 4.95 before postage. I have ordered mine and will arrive tomorrow, so will let you know what they are like
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    Well the proporta screen protectors arrived today in the post. Glad to see the post being more effective than usual. The protector is quite small and on application is just covers that actual screen that shows the display and not the gesture area you use for swiping left or right. I think this will do for now and just see if I can get a decent case as more accesories become available for the pre.

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