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    Hello, I'll be traveling to several countries and will have to work while I am on the road. I will likely have to upload some rather large files. Thinking of purchasing a data connect card for my laptop but I need options for the service. My home international data connect plan (AT&T) limits me to 50mb and then charges .01 per kb which will get really expensive fast.

    Any better options out there? Will be mostly in Italy but one day in in Greece, Turkey, and Egypt. Will also need a sim for my phone.

    Thanks for any help. I'm hoping for a more convenient option then the internet cafes.
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    In Turkey you can buy a pre-paid SIM card for about $25 or so, and add units as you like, very easy. On the Turkcell network your pre-paid card can use GPRS/EDGE and just charges you units like voice calls, by kb usage. You can read all about it at, they have an English website. I've used similar pre-paid voice/data in other countries as well, I'd expect it to be pretty common. (Also with Turkcell you get a free tourist hotline number you can use to get info, translation, anything.)

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