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    Here is my issue: I am at the moment with Sprint (10 years now ) and a Treo 700P which works just fine. Sometime this year (summer/fall) I will be transferring to China in the Shanghai area. I want to continue to use a Palm Treo due to my tons of software and data I have with the Palm OS.
    My question is now: Which phone should I get, where should I get it (US, China), which provider should I use once in China (who offers resonable data plans, what are the costs etc.). I will be travelling throughout China at times and also back to the USA a few times a year.

    So, any China based Treo/Centro User please chime in here with some pointers for me
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    For familarity, you should get a 680 or an unlocked Centro.

    There is no 3G, Shanghai has crappy edge and GuangZhou has slightly better one.

    For service, there are only China Mobile and China Unicom. You want to go with China Mobile, which is like the Rogerts of China. The data price is about 50RMB/500MB/month or 100 for 1GB and 200 for 2GB, etc. Pricing structure very similar to Europe.
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    brichter if you still have question email me
    tinos.n800 at gmail dot com, I don't check this site often while I am in China.
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    China marks up their mobile phones by quite a bit. Foreign made phones are one of the few things that aren't cheaper in China. Again as whatever7 said, make sure it's unlocked.

    Also FYI, the Centro hasn't been released in China officially yet. I don't know what the grey market prices are though.

    If you get a Treo in the US you'll probably want to pick up a copy of CJKOS too.
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    You can't buy a Centro in China, because nearly nobody uses Palm product in China. There are quite a bit of HTC(dopod) and Sony Ericsson smartphones, which are actually being used as smartphones here. Oh wait I just remember I saw a list price of Treo 680 yesterday in ShenZhen for 4400RMB ($600), it's so ridiculously overpriced because its not popular and it's distributed by a third party (I think).

    Phones are maybe 10-20% more expensive than ebay price. It's worth it to people like me since I will need the Chinese version of the firmware to input Chinese.

    If you know any Chinese at all, I suggest you pick up/order the Treo in Hong Kong since it will have the optimal firmware plus the cheap price.
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    whatever7 and fly888 - thanks for your input. I am still undecided but hoping by the time I am going to China I can get an unlocked GSM Centro. On the other hand I would love to be able to stay with Sprint for my trips back to the states.

    Whatever7 - I might take you up on the offer to use your email for asking some more questions.

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