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    Our daughter will be doing a semester in England and her cell phone won't work there (Sprint). I was thinking of just buying a gsm phone instead of renting one. Does this make sense? If so, what do I need to know before buying the phone? As I'm using Sprint, I don't have a clue about the difference between locked and unlocked. I am guessing we'd need an unlocked phone, but am not sure how to get that done. I have found several sites selling sim cards, but any help there would be great, too. Thanks for your suggestions.
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    She could walk into the local supermarket and walk out with a pay as you go phone like these and be pretty set.

    Thats probably the cheapest way to go.

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    Thanks Surur, that's pretty cheap. I'll have to look into what the per minute cost is to make local calls and calls to the US.

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