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    We'll be heading to Italy for two weeks for our honeymoon and we have an American Cingular Treo 750. Does anyone know of a website where I could purchase a SIM card for an Italian cellphone company that would allow voice and data access and thereby avoid paying Cingular's .02 per kilobyte roaming charges? What are my options?


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    Check out Brightroam.
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    Bear in mind that I have yet to find a prepaid SIM that includes data roaming. And data services = Why God Created Treos.

    So you might as well take your cheapie unlocked flip phone to Italy.

    If you do happen to find a prepaid SIM with data roaming please tell me.

    Or switch providers to T-Mobile because I think their billing systems are bad -- I have Swiss, Belgian, Irish, U.K., U.A.E., and Bahrain data roaming that has never hit my monthly statement.


    I'm sure there are others. I searched for "SIM" and "International." I'll bet if you searched on "Italy" you'd turn up some interesting stuff too.

    DOUBLE EDIT: be absolutely positive that Cingy has unlocked your 750 before you go. Ain't nuthin' worse than being "there" (wherever "there" is) and having communication difficulties because of carrier ineptitude.

    TRIPLE EDIT: your blushing bride will get p.o.'d if you spend too much time with your Treo. Remember, the trip is all about H.E.R.
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    Congrats and have fun on your honeymoon. I know that doesn't answer your question, but I am a sap!

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