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    Hi everyone, I need some help, I've got a Treo 650 bought in the States under Cingular, then it was unlocked and now I use it in Mexico with Telcel GSM, as far as I know it can also work with Movistar and other companies in here, I'll be moving to Barcelona/Milán/Paris/London this summer (Western Europe) and I'd like to know if there's any sense in carrying the phone with me, I mean, the calendar and all that stuff are very necesary for me but the phone... can I buy a GSM chip and use it of that "unlock" just works for America? Hope you can help me with this one, if you need more info about my Treo let me know so I can post it here for you, thanks in advance!
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    Europe speack GSM. So there will be no problem to use your T650. It must be unlocked (as yours as far as I can understand)
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    Thanks! D'you know any provider where I can buy from the GSM chip working at least in Barcelona, Paris and London? so I can re-charge in any of those 3 places?
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    I guess vodafone could be a good choice, but I'm Italian, and do not know anything about Spain, France or UK :-)
    In addition, there are special SIM cards that meant to be used while traveling.
    Indeed, "nornal" sim have phone plan that are quite cheap in the originating country, but usually they are very expensive while roaming.
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    Right, I usually buy a new SIM for each country, much cheaper. I've got a stack of 'em in my desk drawer....

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