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    OK. I have a 750 bought from European import.

    I have a T-Mobile USA account. Works fine (data and voice) at home in Los Angeles.

    I have a Sprint SIM (peh, but just in case). Connected to a 700wx at home but you know this CDMA thingee and how useless it is outside the U.S.

    I'm sitting in the Dublin airport and I fire up the 750 with the T-Mobile SIM card. Voice, no problems. Data, shows the giant U (good). Roaming on Voda. Text message, good.

    But. Internet Explorer can't/won't connect. ActiveSync can't/won't connect.

    Call to T-Mobile USA tech support and they're babbling about bands and frequencies. C'mon. This is a European 750. It's quadband, right? It sees the big giant U.

    I'm going to call T-Mobile USA again to see if I find a sane person. But does anyone have any clues about what to do? On my last trip to Europe I had my lovely 650 and had no problems whatsoever. Walk off the plane and BAM I had dialtone and GPRS.

    Clues? Some settings somewhere I should change around?

    EDIT: my data settings are:

    T-Zones GPRS =, leave blank the username and password and domain.
    T-Zones Internet =, leave blank username and password and domain.


    Got connection. F-ing Vodafone Ireland taunted me with the giant U but denied connection, even though T-Mobile USA said I should be able to roam on them. O-2 Ireland (did a manual network selection) gave me the big G (slow data) but still I got connected via ActiveSync to my Exchange Server.

    Now that I KNOW it isn't the Treo 750 I am going to switch back to Voda or Meteor and see if I can get some U goodness without breaking the bank on data charges.
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    Seeing no response to your post, Tasty, I was about to post that YOU probably are our expert in this regard . . . .

    And then you proved my point. . . .
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