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    I presently have a Treo 650 with Verizon. My 2-year contract is up in May and I want to move to GSM because I travel a lot. I also have, through my employer, a Cingular Blackberry 8700 that runs on GSM, but I am tired of having two cell numbers, two bills, etc. I have a lot of emails on a lot of accounts (including pushed e-mail from my office), which I can access via the Treo, so I need not only a call plan but also a data plan.

    So I have been thinking of moving to Cingular with the Treo, and the questions I have are (i) are there any signal/connectivity issues with Cingular in the US (NYC metro area)? (ii) is there an advantage to getting an unlocked GSM phone and if so, how do I buy SIM cards in the US and abroad?, (iii) if I have a UK SIM card for use there, can I forward calls made to my US SIM number to the UK SIM number so I still get the calls?, (iv) given these various iterations is it just better to get a Cingular Treo and be done with it?, and (v) any other questions or issues that I should be aware of?

    Thanks a lot!
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    If you travel out of the country, you'll want to get an unlocked device...
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    Are there any disadvantages to having an unlocked phone? And how can I find out more?

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