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    I'll be going to France (*briefly*) and Italy (primarily) in a few weeks with my unlocked GSM Treo 650.

    Will I be able to access the internet with my phone over there? I read somewhere that the TIM system (one of Italy's) doesn't support data.

    Should I get a SIM card in Italy, get one over the net now, or get a multi-country one like I've seen on

    I guess my main question is what do I need to get to be able to access the net while in Italy?

    Thanks in advance.

    - Henri
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    All providers in Italy have data access.
    It may be possible that your provider has no roaming option with Italy.
    Be aware that roaming data traffic can be expensive... check it with your provider.
    If you want to but an Italian SIM, you can easily get one here in Italy. You need you passport and that's it. However, data traffic is very expensive, e.g., 0.06E/Kbyte. There are special "data offers" that may be convenient...
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    I read somewhere that the TIM system (one of Italy's) doesn't support data.
    Totally incorrect. TIM is the best suited italian provider for the treo 650 users, because it is the only italian provider with the full coverage in EDGE.

    Wind has GPRS (nationwide), superGPRS (almost nationwide), EDGE (somewere), and UMTS (only in the main locations)

    Vodafone has GPRS (nationwide) and UMTS/HSDPA (in good portion of the nation)

    Tre (Three) has only UMTS (in a good portion of the nation) and HSDPA (in the main locations), where the Umts coverage is not present TRE roams in GPRS on the TIM network.

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    For what it's worth, here's the english version of the TIM website in Italy (i think):

    Hope it helps. Have a great trip!

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    I used TIM in Italy last year, with my Visor Prism/Visor Phone combination (only GSM phone I had handy when I went, but I still love it). I was able to use data, make calls, etc.

    Just shop around a bit when you get over there, and buy a local SIM card. Search around before you go for any network settings you may need. You can often find them in magazines at stands when you get there, but then you need to speak the language plus be a bit technical (worked for me in France, much harder in Italy).

    Good luck!
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