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    My Treo 650 (Orange) is EDGE capable but I have never experienced EDGE speeds. Orange rolled out EDGE in the UK in Feb 06 with a large number of sites (1,500?) planned by the end of the year. Has anyone seen EDGE speeds on their 650 in the UK? I've heard that other carriers may also offer it, but which ones?

    This subject has been revived by the announcment of Apple's iPhone which is to use EDGE but won't make it over here until December. Could it be the thing that kickstarts the whole caboodle? I hope so.
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    To my knowledge I've never had EDGE speeds. Either on Orange or T-mobile with my beloved Treo 650
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    I was lead to believe EDGE is disabled on the Orange ROM'ed Treo 650.
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    Why would Orange want to do that?

    I've unlocked the phone, and changed the ROM some time ago (currently 1.13, about to go to 1.20). Will this enable EDGE?

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