i just bought an unlocked Tmobile hp 6315 iPaq from ebay. the seller insured me that it's unlocked. he tested it with "cingular". when i turn it on with a Fido SIM card. i get the message "Unknown SIM status. Only emergancy calls can be made without a PIN."
If i start typing, i see **** apearing as if i'm entering a PIN. but i don't have a PIN number. i called Fido, the dude barely knew what i was talking about. the manual says if i enter the PIN wrong 3 times in a row, if will be locked and i will need a PUK number (which Fido provided to me". but i put a wrong PIN over 20 times, it never asked for a PUK number. I'm stuck, help please.

Also, someone mentioned flashing the device's ROM to remove the Tmobile environment and install a regular hp pocket PC OS (or w/e it's called). is there instructions on how to do that? please help,