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    Had Treo 600. Just upgraded to 700p (both with Verizon)
    I'm in Canada (from US) for 3 months and data access is working fine. Upgrade to unlimited plan. Unfortuantely this requires getting the treo shipped back to US and reprogrammed in continental US (surprise to me and the customer service rep) Return and back to working. 2 Days later it stops working and Verizon doesn't have a clue. Most of their reps have no idea they provide voice and data through a partner here (Telus). Requires another trip to US to troubleshoot.

    So.. Are then any Treo 700P Canadian phones? 700wx and 650 are the only ones I've seen so far.

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    Why not get a 650 or 680 GSM phone? Then, you can just switch SIM cards rather than dealing with reprograming phone.
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    700P is not offered by any provider in Canada to date. Can you be more specific about what is not working? If it worked 2 days ago, then the settings are probably correct and something else needs to be tweaked. I am assuming you have done a soft reset.
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    Went through the full drill including hard reset. One rep said it was becuase I might have gone to a place where there was no Telus signal so another phone company connected and it would need a reprogramming. Fly back to states for a couple of days and found it didn't work there even after reset and re-programming. I had asked numerous times on the phone for them to double check their settings. Well it turns out they had not set it up quite right and that's why it wasn't working for over a month. Works fine now in canada. Verizon -home of the master minds.
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    You can order 700P on Bell website now and rumour has Telus with the P available in a couple of weeks

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