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    I arrived in Qingdao last night and noticed a China Mobile store right by our office here. I took one of the guys from the office who speaks a little English and told him I wanted a prepaid SIM. I got a GoTone China Mobile SIM but I have no idea what the rates are or what my balance is. I paid 150 RMB to get the card, then 100 RMB for the prepaid balance. The person who came with me had to fill out paperwork and leave a 1000 RMB deposit, which surprised me since it is supposed to be prepaid. I can make and receive calls, and the GPRS works fine, but I want to know my balance. Any idea how to check it?
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    Call (380) 013 8000. There's an option for english language.

    That deposit sounds fishy... I bought an Mzone in Guangzhou in April and also used it in Qindao a week later. Limited GPRS browsing only worked for me in Qindao but not in Guangzhou.
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    I tried (380) 013 8000 but it tells me that "the number I am calling does not exist".

    I'm in Shanghai now and noticed that I can't preface my calls with 12550 any longer. I was told in Qingdao that was the prefix for an IP call and make the rate much cheaper. Is there such a prefix for Shanghai?

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