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    I just got an unlocked Treo 650 and am on the Fido network...trying to connect to the web...

    Called Fido's csr and they said because it's not their phone,...they can't help.

    Can someone please help me??? If possible exactly where settings should go, etc.


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    You might have more luck searching and asking on the Fido form of HoFo:
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    Tried,....but no least not for me... The best that's happening is that it says "attaching GPRS" then "Signing on" then I get an error message that "GPRS service is unavailable."
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    I originally did this with assistance on hofo but I'll tell you what I currently have in my phone:

    User name:fido
    Pasword:fido (I believe, I can't see it)
    Fallback: none

    and check both checkboxes on the advanced page

    you also need to call fido and make sure your gprs is turned on and I highly recommend you choose a data plan or you'll get a surprise bill

    hope this helps
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    Did you get it figured out ZJJZ? I am having similar problems and can't find where to enter some of the info in the last post. Let me know.

    I have now found where to enter the above info but still can't actually get connected! Next call is to FIDO to see if GPRS is connected.
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    GPRS was the problem with fido. My internet is up and working now!!! Thanks for the info

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