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    Hi all,

    I used to have a Treo 600 bought under an Orange UK contract and managed to unlock it using free unlocking softwares provided by kind souls in this forum. This was not as straight-forward as punching in a series of codes but required the use of the hotsync cable, SD card and such. It was well worth the trouble - I did manage to get it unlocked in the end.

    I am wondering if any of our kind technical gurus out here can advise if we could use the same software and method to unlock Treo 650s under Orange UK?

    I still have all the accompanying notes to this Treo 600 unlocking software and wondering if someone would to try to see if it works?

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    I'm afraid it doesn't work with the Treo 650. Your best bet is to visit which was set up by a member of these forums I believe.
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