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    Anyone have any idea how to set up the 650 to get email on the UK's O2 network.

    O2 don't supply the phone so they have no settings

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    Just visit this site:
    and make all your settings as they are shown. You should be able to use your Treo's built-in email wizard to set up the mail account in Versamail.
    HP Pre 3 (UK)
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    Hello all,

    I have set up there network connection but when I try to connect is dosen't work.

    If I try O2 mobile web GPRS and try to connect I get on 'Service Connection Progress' conecting to O2, signing on, canceling

    If I try O2 WAP, it establishes and I get the two green arrows on the top, but if I try to get email, its says connecting to mail server but then unable to connect to please verify name entry (the data entered into versa is correct, I have tried many mail accounts)
    If I try O2 WAP to connect to the web I get Communication error, the page download could not be completed. Please try later.

    I have tried later, also in different cells.

    Any one any idea, has any one connected a TREO 650?


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    I'm on Pay as you Go @O2 UK, for me the following settings work

    user payandgo
    password password
    proxy port 8080

    Note that on Pay and Go there is no direct internet access, but only through http proxy. This means that it is in general impossible to use mail accounts on Versamail Fortunately though you can still check the O2 mail account that comes with your account

    What I do is that I copy all emails automatically from my mail account to that adress, after they are spam filtered of course. This works fine.
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    The network settings for O2 Mobile Web GPRS were automatically changed on my Treo when I inserted the O2 SIM card. I didn't have to change anything to get it to connect, it just worked first time.

    Do you have your O2 account set up to use GPRS? Often you have to contact O2 and ask them to activate it first.
    HP Pre 3 (UK)

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