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    ok, here's the story. I had the 600, loved it, had the 650 loved it. Came to the end of my contract with Orange and no decent phones available, and none due to come out. Switched to Vodafone for the Nokia E61, its ok....hmmmm....yeah, ok, i guess, but not to my tastes. I just feel that I want to do everything as easily as I could on my 650, and I can't....not even close.

    So, I phone Orange, pay 20 for my unlock code. Use unlock code - Simlock removed - hurrah! Put in Vodafone sim, "this sim card cannot be used with this phone"...bollocks. Tried other people's sims, tmobile, 3....nothing, all the same "sim card cannot be used" message.

    I've emailed Orange, they say that if it says the simlock has been removed then its unlocked...but it isn't, Orange wake up!. They also helpfully suggest contacting Palm, great...thanks Orange, no longer a customer therefore no-one cares......

    I wonder if by using different firmware, 1.20 ENA (I think) I may have messed with the locking process and therefore can't unlock. I'm preparing to reflash with official Orange software, try my code, then try my vodafone sim, then reflash to the original ENA.....if that fails, then I don't know what to do.

    Anyone experienced this? anyone have any thoughts or solutions? if I manage to unlock after putting the Orange software back on, do you think its wise to then change it to ENA, might that re-affect the lock procedure and put me back to the start with a locked phone? so so complicated, I only want my 650 back....someone please help.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

    thanks, Rod
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    I used an unlock code from an Ebay provider and it worked fine on my Orange Treo. I stripped out the Orange software a year ago so that can't be the problem. Try entering the unlock code again 'cos I've heard some others had more luck second time around.
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    Or try this site
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