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    I just took the plunge and upgraded my FW to 1.23. All went ok and all seems to be working ... except for the internet.

    My Chatter installation is working fine (I connect via GPRS and it downloads my e-mail), and when I click on the Web icon, it connects to Orange via GPRS, but no pages are downloaded?!?

    Does anyone have any idea why this may be? It was working perfectly fine before I upgraded?

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    What happens when you try to access a url? Any messages?
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    In blazer, deselect the preference to use the "default carrier proxy".
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    Quote Originally Posted by eKeith
    In blazer, deselect the preference to use the "default carrier proxy".
    This fixed it for me when I upgraded.

    Menu>Options>Preferences>Advanced>Set Proxy
    Uncheck the "Use default carrier proxy"
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    FYI: This same "fix" works after upgrading FW on Vodafone UK.

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