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    T-Mobile UK's 'super 3G' high-speed download service will go live on 1 August, the carrier said today. And it pledged to triple the network's performance next year ahead of hitting a whopping 20Mbps by 2011.

    Initially, HSPDA technology will provide download speeds of up to 1.8Mbps, though T-Mobile admitted real-world performance is more likely to be around 1Mbps - still rather faster than regular 3G download speeds. The theoretical maximum will rise to 3.6Mbps in 2007, the carrier said, then to 7.2Mbps and 10Mbps in 2008/2009.......
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    Interesting! They seem to be making a concerted effort to win data business; they've just launched an "unlimited" package for 17 (about $32) per month, which is way cheaper than anyone else.

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    Color me jealous from the U.S. side of the T-Mobile fence.

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