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    I have a Treo 600 (in the USA) that I have just unlocked. I am planning on travelling to Belgium for 2 months, followed by 10 days of bumming around other countries.

    Can someone recommend a SIM card I can purchase while in the USA which will allow me:
    1. to have a local phone number in Belgium
    2. to make inexpensive calls within Belgium while there
    3. to take advantage of call-back functionality so I can call the USA cheaply

    Also, when I travel elsewhere in Europe, do I need another SIM card? If so, which one is recommended?

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    I used Orange. They had most coverage but it was like two or three coutnry specific, in other countries I was roaming with Orange. Data did work but ticked off minutes of my prepaid orange card rather quickly. I used two months in Europe, even worked almost whole time on 10 day mediteranean cruise.
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    cglaguna, how much did it cost you? Can you obtain such a card while in the USA, or do you have to wait until you get to Belgium? If you can get it here, where do you get it from?

    What is involved with activating it? Is it a pay as you go card? Is there a monthly fee?
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    If I were you I'd just wait untill I got there and get one. You can walk into any shop (T-Mobile, Vodaphone, among others) and just tell 'em what you want. Pre-paid SIMs are common and not too expensive (I've got a collection from a few countries), you get a certain number of "units" when you buy the SIM and can load more units at your leisure. Usually there is GPRS data access included (uses units just like voice calls but at a different rate). In any case it will be a heck of a lot cheaper than any kind of roaming on your US plan.

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