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    It's seems that when reading through some of the posts that occassionally the question arises about coverage whether for basic GPRS, EDGE, the new 3G standard or even just "Where can I use my phone to make a call?". I've included a useful site link which provides free downloadable maps for GSM coverage in each country around the world. As well I'll add some wikipedia links to better explain what the difference is between GPRS, EDGE and 3G.

    Also for those confused you can use an EDGE capable device overseas in the UK for example as the network is backwards compatible for data transmission on EDGE and the slower GPRS. Though you will not have 3G data speeds/bandwidth unless you have a 3G capable device on a supported 3G network. The exception being for some Asian countries such as Japan where their networks are entirely 3G and may require a loaner device such as provided for Rogers customers when traveling. Well at least until we get 3G support near the end of this year then there will be no need for a loaner device in Asian countries that are not backwards data compatible. It should also be pointed out that even if you're in an unsupported data carrier area that doesn't mean your voice and sms messaging won't work as long as your device supports the carriers voice frequency. (ie: 850/1900 North America, 900/1800 UK, etc).


    GSM coverage maps:
    For your desktop viewing:
    For your mobile device:

    Wikipedia data transmission definitions:

    Bandwidth speed graph:
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    Very useful information Dark Knight
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