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    I have had my treo 650 for a little over a year now. I purchased an unlocked GSM model when it became clear that Fido was never going to sell one -- I need to keep my 'phone number.

    Anybody got experience with getting this combination to work?

    The short story is that I now need to use my treo to check email, and when I telephoned Fido (bless their new Rogers/telco service levels) to enquire about data packages (I want to give them more money!), they tell me they WILL NOT (repeat 3 times, WILL NOT!) provide any technical support beyond telling me the settings to use. Sigh. I hope number portability comes soon...

    Anyway, I have gone into Prefs -> Communications -> Network and set the following...
    Service: Fido GPRS
    Connection: GPRS
    User Name: fido
    Password: fido
    fallback: -None-
    IP Address: Automatic (checked)
    Query DNS: (unchecked)
    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS

    Fido also tells me I need a dial-up access number of *99#, but I can't see where to use this information.

    When I choose "Connect", the unit presents a dialog titled "Attaching GPRS" with a "please wait" message. After about 40 s. it then presents a "Service Connection Progress" dialog showing "Connecting to Fido GPRS", which lasts about 1 s., then "Signing On' for another 1 s., and then "canceling" (sic), which lasts about 5s.

    If I try to connect from Versamail by choosing "get", Versamail reports that it is "Unable to Establish PPP Connection"

    All tips appreciated!

    further details
    The SIM card is approx 7 years old (from Fido)
    The phone software is Treo650-1.20-ENA
    firmware is 01.71

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    Hello there Derek, my story is the same as yours except I have functioning GRPS. My settings are as follows:

    Service: Fido GPRS Copy
    Connection: GPRS
    User Name: fido
    Password: fido (I think - its been a while)
    fallback: -None-
    IP Address: Automatic (checked)
    Query DNS: (checked)
    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:

    You will notice that my APN is different, and that I query DNS. In any case GPRS works fine on my phone. Let me know how it goes.

    Best of luck,
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    Thanks for the reply, James!
    I made a typo in the APN in my post. I actually had the same APN as you.

    Your confirmation gave me the certainty to do battle with the "tech support" offered by Fido.

    The answer turned out to be (my idea) changing SIM cards. It cost me $25, and having to hear repeatedly that "it can't be the SIM card", but it worked. So maybe it wasn't the SIM card, but by getting a new SIM card and forcing FIDO to re-regsiter me, something in the HO config files got changed to the correct setting

    Thanks again for your info
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    Glad to hear it Derek.

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