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    Anyone had any experience with that?

    My websupport contacts with Halebops support hasn't reached success so far.

    At least the SIM card seems to be activated now.

    Especially wondering Service: name play any roll?

    Where to put Port:

    Only place I find is under Proxy and then I have to say a proxy server and there is no info about that.

    The telephone has worked (with GPRS ) under Comviq in Sweden before. It does have a stange internal Serial Number 12345678 etc which doesn't agree with its label.
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    Hi, I'm in Sweden too but I'm not quite sure I understand your questions...
    Service - yes, it's important. Should be the name of your operator. I use Comviq/Tele2 and it was installed automatically (Comviq GPRS, Comviq MMS etc).

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