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    Excuse my ignorance but the 650 is my first ever mobile phone so I'm not quite sure how this works.

    I bought my Treo when they were released in the UK in May. I was wondering what the process is for changing providers when my contract is up next May. I thought I'd look around for better deals etc. but I don't know how exactly I'm tied to Orange at the moment.

    • Do I need to get the phone 'unlocked'?
    • Will I lose out on possible 'upgrade' opportunities?
    • Will there be a better deal than my current 25 a month for 120mins & 250 texts?
    • I remember reading something about 18 months on my contract but the thought of trawling through the smallprint sends shivers through my spine

    Anyone out there have a better grasp of how these contracts work?
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    If you want to use your Treo 650 on a different network then the phone will need to be unlocked. Orange can do this for a small fee (or sometimes free), once your contract has expired. Or you can use an unlock service from somewhere like eBay. If you move to a different network you can generally port your number to the new provider.

    If you want to leave Orange before your 18 months is up they usually ask for the remaining months subscriptions. I personally only go for 12 month contracts; the idea of being tied to someone for 18/ 24 months is not appealing- even though a slightly better deal is obtained.

    IMHO unless you have a hugely expensive monthly bill then you are likely to get a better deal as a new customer.

    Generally if you have a large monthly bill then Orange will knock off around 100 from a new handset- BUT they will not offer a good initial tariff, that say provides double minutes for 6 months and gives you 50 credit on your account (it's worth mentioning that when you initially start with one of these deals that you need to choose the right tariff from word go. If you ever want to alter your tariff then you can never go back to one of these decent deals). Your existing tariff isn't bad as an existing customer. Mine is 25 for 100 minutes with 100 texts.

    Most networks are much of a muchness when it comes to tariffs and costs. And Orange for instance have a tariff they call 'Orange Value Promise' where they match other providers tariffs.
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    I strung Orange along for weeks while I pretended to deliberate about other networks, tariffs, and phones... until they gave me the best home user tariff they have (when I finally said yes, the operator told me that *very* few people get this deal) - 500 mins + 120 texts for only 25 a month!

    And the upgrade from P900 to Treo 650 only cost me 90, they had originally said it would be 150 or so!

    I got a *great* deal, wouldn't you agree?!

    Orange are by far the best provider anyway - customer service is always free (some other providers charge, which I find extremely cheeky), they pay the biggest subsidies for new handsets & upgrades, they (now - recent change) offer upgrading customers the same promo deals as new customers, and their OVP (Orange Value Promise) means that they will match any (non-promotional) tariff from another provider. But in many cases they can go better - if you say you're going to switch to another company & tariff (even if it IS promotional), they will match it or even better it anyway!

    It's all about the way you play it, know what you want, and make them who you how much they want to keep you! Remember, it's YOU that has the power, because they want YOUR money!
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    I'll go along with that. Orange seem to win all the customer service surveys that I've seen, and are extremely competitive for upgrades if you push the hard enough and make sure you speak to "disconnections" - the only dept with real power to do deals to keep you.

    I've been with them for the just about 10 years now, and have had a new phone virtually every year - all for nothing (including my T650, where we started the negotiating at 199 for an upgrade before we finished at a grand total of zero pouns and zero pence).
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    Thanks for the tips guys. I have a feeling I'm stuck as I am for 18 months (ie. until November 2006), although my deal appears pretty good anyway.

    Maybe I can get them to up my texts to 350 and add a small bit of monthly data? I'll have to wait and see.....
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    I just did my upgrade to a Treo from my current phone. I asked about including data. Sorry to be the bearer of bad new but I got a stern "we are unable to incorporate data packages at the moment, all we can do is texts and voice minutes".

    From my experience, you will able to upgrade to a more expensive plan than you are currently for no cost, but if you drop to a cheaper plan then you will sometimes need to pay the difference e.g. if you were on a 30 plan and you wanted to drop to a 20 plan half way through a 12 month contract, then you have to pay

    10 x 6 + the cost of the handset at the plan.

    This is on top of paying the 20 per month as Orange will need to recouperate their costs. You may find they may ride it off and let you change

    The reason I mention is that they may not be willing to change particulars of your plan. From the sounds of it, you have a very good deal. I would just live it out unless there is some reason why you are not happy with Orange e.g. reception
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    Well I have zero reception at work, but I never really need to use the Treo as a phone then anyway. I only asked because my flatmate has an unbelievable deal - something like 1000 minutes and 500 texts for 10 a month! He has been with his provider for years and threatened to leave a few times though.
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    I am sorry to hear that. Give them a call and see what they can do.
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    I did a while ago and they said they had new masts planned but they don't know when they will be built.
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