Not sure if this is the right place for this post, but here goes.

I use Sprint in the US. This week, I've been traveling in Europe, and so I rented a Nokia GSM phone from Sprint, and they gave me a GSM SIM card with my number on it. (That is, calls to my Sprint PCS number are automatically forwarded to the Nokia phone).

In France earlier this week, I was able to dial my own number, then hit the star key, dial in my pin, and access my Sprint voicemail.

Now I'm in Belgrade, roaming on the Vodaphone NL network through Mobnet, a local provider. I can make calls to and receive calls from the US and other countries just fine. But when I dial my own number to get my voicemails, I get three tones, then am disconnected. A couple minutes later, my phone tells me I have a new voicemail.

Since I can't seem to dial my own number on this network, I can't get my messages.

Predictably, Sprint Customer Service hasn't got a clue.

Anybody here have any ideas how I can get into the Sprint voicemail system while on Mobnet/Vodafone?