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    Please help.

    How can I sort out my locked Orange T650?

    I want to see my favourites in the phone app, and view the General Preferences that they have deleted!!

    Also, has anyone else noticed the 'ghostly' Change Line option from the phone app that turns into 'Sound Pref' when you scroll onto it?

    PLEASE HELP WITH POINT ONE THOUGH - Orange really take the biscuit!
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    I think what you might want to do is forget about using the Orange branded ROM, there are _many_ posts on the forum about installing the more generic (with the favourites on the phone app restored) ROM image.

    You'll probably do well to search the forums for 'Orange' and 'ROW' (which stands for RestOfWorld).

    The process itself is not to be undertaken if you are not absolutely sure you are following the instructions carefully as it can easily leave you with a 'bricked' phone.

    Good luck!
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    When in Orange Phone app, press any LETTER not number and favourites appears- cant find any other way to reach it :-(
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    I can thoroughly recommend changing your ROM to the Palm GSM ROM. I did it on my Orange Treo 650 and haven't looked back.
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    Yes, install the generic ROM. Much much better

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