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    The tread titled, "Suggested threads for Treo 650 users" has been a sticky for quite some time now - BUT why!?

    The idea is great but the execution is terrible. There tread offers nothing more than a good idea that never went anywhere.

    It would be the perfect alternative to the Search the Fricken Forum chant. We could tell people to read that thread first.

    All it would be is like a table on content for the threads; sure it contains nothing newl however, it organizes what has already been discussed.

    It should be a single page thread with Main Topics followed by threads that discuss the topic

    Some examples would be

    Those considering the Treo 650

    Those considering upgrading from a Treo 600 or eariler

    What Data plans to choose with your Treo

    New Owners - Start here

    Coolest things to do with your wireless Internet Connection...

    Compatible and recommended Software for the Treo

    SIX applications you couldn't do without

    Known Issues with Treo 650 (with Resolution)

    Known Issues with Treo 650 (without Resolution)


    Best video player ever! EVER! REALLY! FREE!

    Avoid at all costs

    Isn't this the intended use of the tread? If it isn't used that why why keep it stuck there baiting and tricking poor unsuspecting visitors and members?
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    Quote Originally Posted by godschoice
    The tread titled, "Suggested threads for Treo 650 users" has been a sticky for quite some time now - BUT why!?
    It's simply a compilation of the numerous sticky messages that cluttered the 650 forum.
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    I hear and agree with you. Since I have started added stuff in it, let me see if I can follow what you've outlined.
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    Revised and added couple of your suggested threads.

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