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    Hi, All:

    Hurricane Katrina hit us. And what a mess. I just wanted to post a little about WHY I am indebted to the Treo, VZW and THESE forums.

    1. The Treo and TXT via VZW went without a hitch. I was able to TXT with my sister during the ENTIRE duration of the storm. She then funneled info to our families.

    2. Guys like Marc Blank do NOT come a dime a dozen. I failed to realize that I hadn't yet registered Chatter. I was still in a demo mode. At the last minute I was double checking to make sure I would have consistent contact. I used these boards to hit Marc with an urgency. I needed the key asap as I was concerned the power would go out any time. He heeded to the call IMMEDIATELY.

    3. A fellow T|C'er sent me a TXT during the rough parts to confirm that I was okay. I felt kinda blessed at that point. He was kind enough to keep me updated on the storm, as we had NO way of knowing. The AM stations were out, cable was out, and then power. He kept us in the know, and I can't thank him enough.

    4. When I signed back on today I saw the messages to me, as well as Private Messages, from fellow T|C'ers hoping for our safety.

    5. I noted on Friday during some cleanup that my neighbors, one using a Blackberry on T-Mobile, and others using cells on other carriers relied on my VZW Treo to get some info out to people. I hear some other carriers were reliable with the Treo as well. But I'll stick to what worked for me.

    THANK YOU everyone for your concern. I hope all others affected by the storm faired well, and I pray it dies out in the gulf to avoid further damage.

    I'd also like to send a reminder to those who haven't been put in such a predicament. I thought ahead - and it kept me calm. I recommend everyone:

    1. Get a second battery so if power goes out or if your stuck somewhere, you can switch them out. KEEP YOUR BATTERIES charged all the time.

    2. Get a car charger - if power is out, you can charge your battery. I recommend a cradle like this one as well - as you can charge one battery alone while you are using the other in your Treo.

    3. Test your cigarette lighter in your vehicle. If it's kaput, it won't help you.

    4. Make sure you can use TXT or SMS, or email. Even if you get charged per message, better you can do it and pay later than have no communication at all. Note that sometimes you can't use the phone but TXT and data will work (as was our case for several hours).

    5. Make a contact list, and create a chain. Pick ONE or TWO people to TXT, and let them notify others.

    6. Have a case for your Treo, so you can carry it around hands free. And tuck a plastic baggie in your pocket. We had to weather some water at times and I slipped the Treo in the baggie for protection.

    7. Worst case scenario, your Treo makes an EXCELLENT guide light. So if you failed to stock extra batteries for a flashlight, the Treo will give you enough light to move around the house.

    8. Avoid the Web. Ask others to TXT info. Surfing the Web will eat more battery juice. Same for phone - quicker to do a TXT than to talk 10 minutes on the phone.

    9. Remember that 46645 will let you "google" info, like phone numbers and weather updates. We used it a LOT yesterday to find out conditions and what stores may be open:

    10. Hit the END button when done. This will turn off the screen and save battery life.

    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    Glad ya'll dodged the bullet kido. That's some great advise!

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  3. #3 maybe I'm a little bit relieved that you're okay.

    But who was this T|C'er who sent you text updates and asked if you were okay?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion maybe I'm a little bit relieved that you're okay.

    But who was this T|C'er who sent you text updates and asked if you were okay?

    I believe we need a witch hunt to find the rat *******. And once we do find him, set him ablaze!
    LOL - yer pants are hot as hell right now.

    Using my treo 650 for business:

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