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    Quote Originally Posted by ToolkiT
    Demanding things is something little kids or people in power do, and AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $you$ $are$ $neither$..
    That was cute, BTW. Could you please just tell me what you feel is 650 specific and what isn't so we can get this moved?
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    Quote Originally Posted by grndslm
    But had I asked you to move the thread, I really doubt you would have moved it....
    I would have moved the thread regardless because of your second post. The idea for a Wiki for any Treo model is an issue pertaining to the site and those topics belong in this forum.

    that's why I went straight to demading
    A piece of friendly advice... don't make demands, it's not polite., if I make a couple changes, would you PUH-LEEZE move this to the 650 section?
    This thread, as it stands right now, belongs here.

    Would you be content with just removing the very last two sections??
    My problem isn't with your outline, it's with all the subsequent posts that make it become non-650.

    If you want, make a new post just containing your outline in the 650 forum. The only warning I'll give you is that if it drifts off-topic as others add to it, it will likely be moved or maybe even closed.

    We understand that a TC Wiki would be beneficial and I know some work has been done behind the scenes already. It's possible we might have one soon, but it's not up to me, nor can I make it happen.
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    I think this thread, whatever its initial purpose, has been derailed enough.
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