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    Just a suggestion but it seems to me with all the discussions about TomTom, GPS receivers, other GPS software and uses for GPS with the Treo....should there be a separate section in the forum just for threads related to all things GPS? Most of them are currently under bluetooth which is related as most TomTom users utilize a bluetooth connection to use it but not all do and software discussions seem a bit misplaced there. Like I said, just a suggestion...
    My Treo's Stats:
    650 Unlocked/Unbranded GSM <br>1.71 Firmware w/ 1.20 ENA
    Carrier: Cingular
    Current BT Headset: Treo Wireless
    GPS: TomTom5 + BT338
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    Good idea...! :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by tcc
    Good idea...! :-)

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    We're actually about to do a forum reorg, but we don't want to have too many different forums.
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    GPS & Navigation seem to be a common application that would warrant a separate section. I've wondered about the repeated TomTom posts under bluetooth (guilty of putting one there myself) but general software doesn't seem to cover the breadth of GPS issues.

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