The rules say to post this type of message in the "Feedback Forum" but I could not find a thread with that name so I am hoping I am putting this in the right place.

This site has been TREMENDOUSLY helpful to me in the three days I have owned my Treo 650. I really value what you are doing.

My biggest frustration is that some threads that have valuable info are too long to be very easy to use. For example, there is a great thread on T5 Wi-Fi drivers that Sun Moon has recommended at the top of the T650 hardware forum. But it is 64 pages long with a lot of technical jargon and info that was later shown to be incorrect. When a thread goes beyond 10 pages, would it be possible to put a summary post at the top of the thread that gives a summary of the critical info to that date. Obviously someone knowledgable would have to write it. Perhaps the MODS could assign that task to different people so the work load is spread around. The summary post at the top would have to be edited each time another 10 pages are added to that forum. Just a suggestion on making a great site even better.

The other big thing is abbreviations. There are abbreviations used routinely for software products and hardware features that I have not been able to decipher. Could we create a glossary of these?

Thanks for listening.